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The losing war of the London private sharing bike schemes

Blog post created on 2022-01-06


Since I moved to London I’ve been an avid user of all forms of transportation the city has to provide: tube, overground, buses, ferries, even cable cars! Among all these choices the bicycle remains my favor...

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CIO Week: Page Shield, UDP and Private DNS, k8s and Tunnels

Talk given on 2021-12-08


Page Shield is generally available

Blog post created on 2021-12-08


Get notified when your site is under attack

Blog post created on 2021-12-03


Helping Apache Servers stay safe from zero-day path traversal attacks (CVE-2021-41773)

Blog post created on 2021-09-08


How Cloudflare helped mitigate the Atlassian Confluence OGNL vulnerability before the PoC was released

Blog post created on 2021-08-09