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Blog post created on 2014-10-19

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The title says it all. So first things first:

echo "Hello World!";

I have finally managed to build and upload my personal blog, it has taken me a while (2 years...) but better late than never. Main reason is, my English writing is far from excellent and needs improving, the real reason is, it's an excuse to write and explore new technical topics. Or so I hope.

To get started some implementation details about this blog. It is created with doCMS, this is a custom built CMS system I started a few years ago. It is currently closed source but I plan on changing that soon, the code is already hosted on GitHub so repo migration should be easy. Development has been concentrated in a few occasional week long spurts of productivity and although it is starting to look like a real CMS there is still a lot to be done. Admittedly I have fallen victim of the CMS trap (discussion on Hacker News) but as this was always meant to be a learning experience it's okay. Somewhat. The CMS is coded in PHP and I am using MySQL for the database. It runs fine on both Linux and Windows but it does currently require Apache as web server. On the to do list: make it work with Nginx.

The blog is hosted on one of my dedicated servers, these are all reasonably lightweight machines (Dual-Core Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz with 4GB of DDR3 RAM) and have been custom configured starting from a CentOS bare install. The blog design is fully hand crafted and should be responsive, note however that I am NOT a designer. Widgets/platforms used to help along the way include: Disqus for comments, SyntaxHighlighter for well... syntax highlighting and Google Analytics for the user stats. I have been pondering using Google's reCAPTCHA for the contact form but simply have not gone around to installing it yet.

I think that is all folks! I already have a number of post topic ideas so keep an eye on this space. Oh... I still need to get the RSS feed working... so unfortunately you will have to check back yourselves for now. If anything is broken do let me know, best place to reach me is either the contact form or Twitter.